Media Coverage & Press

The Essential Journal. Issue 36. 22 August 2018. Messenger bags made out of canvas van panels…

Sublime, Teleri Lloyd-Jones, 6 December 2016. Design in prison.

Arts & Humanities Research Council, December 2016. Makeright exhibition: Design Against Crime in Prison.

Abel & Cole, December 2016. Bags of character.

The Grocer, Daniel Selwood, 29 November 2016. Abel & Cole tarpaulins turned into anti-theft bags.

The Times of India, Parth Shastri, 9 November 2016. Project with Sabarmati Jail gets design award.

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Design Week, Tom Banks, 25 April 2016. New scheme launched to teach “design thinking” to prisoners.

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Times New Network, 22 March 2016. Convicts help design theft-proof bags.

Tv9, Ahmedabad, 4 March 2016. NID goes to Sabarmati jail for empowering prisoners for meaningful living.

Tv9, Gujarati, 28 February 2016. NID goes to Sabarmati jail to teach theft-proof designs to inmates.

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The Times of India, Runa Mukherjee Parikh, 7 March 2014. National Institute of Design, UK-based faculty plan course for jail inmates.