Useful links and references

The Secret History of My Family: The Gadbury Sisters. The story of three pickpocketing sisters raised in 1830s Shoreditch, in the heart of London’s criminal underworld, and how two of them were banished to England’s ‘thief colony’. It explains a lot of what’s wrong with class system and how it might affect inmate re-entry.

The Design Thinking Guide for schools, developed by Design for Change, is helpful for thinking through how to engage with rehabilitative teaching for prison.

What Can I Do? Your guide to volunteering and achieving change in the criminal justice system, Prison Reform Trust, in parternship with Pact.

Prisons ‘overhaul’ announced by David CameronBBC News, 8th February 2016.

Learning from the behaviour of inmates and guards helps solving wicked challenges in the Danish Prison and Probation Service by Lars Thuesen, Danish Prison and Probation Service, June 2010. 

Mass Story Lab: Designing A Future Beyond PrisonsImpact Design Hub.

So many useful papers from The National Alliance for Arts in Criminal Justice (NAACJ). Some of the favourites:
Inspiring Change Scotland (Sarah Colvin et al)
The Geese Theatre and women
What Books Can Do Behind Bars

Positive deviance is something to think about in regards to working in prison.
Curt Lindberg’s Positive deviance: An Elegant Solution to a Complex Problem.
Arvind Singhal, Samuel Shirley and Edna Holt Marston on The Value of Positive Deviations.
Lars Thuesen on Learning from the behaviour of inmates and guards helps solving wicked challenges in the Danish Prison and Probation Service.

Expert Workshop report on Exploring and Evaluating the Cultural Value of Arts and Creativity within the Criminal Justice Systemwhich raises a lot of issues about how best to work with inmates.

David Cameron’s prison reform speech in 2016 was referred to by the Queen.

USA prisons. Inside the programs breaking the prison cycle – by informing former inmates – interesting article by Courtney Hutchison regarding the situation in the United States.

Inmates of New York. It is very interesting to read about these inmate stories by Brandon Stanton on Humans of New York. It can give new insights as well.

One of the interesting stories is about this inmate who started a Creative Parenting programme in the prison. It is very interesting how the activities involved would have kept evolving the emotional bond and relation between the inmates and their children. Here is his story.

For those interested in prisons in India, reforms and interventions, these links could be helpful:
– Prison SMART program
– Notes on Open prisons in India by Rohit Bura.
– Jails in India: An Investigation by Raman Nanda.
– Prisoners’ Reforms in India by Harpreet Kaur.
– India is ahead of the world in prison reforms: Kiran Bedi by PTI, The Economic Times.
– Tihar Jail is a good model for prisons in India, Good News India.

Vipassana in prison
– Doing Time Doing Vipassana – a film by Eilona Ariel and Ayelet Menahemi.
– Vipassana in prisons by Raja M., Vipassana Research Institute.
– Beyond the prison walls: reforming through silence by Ajit Kumar Bohet & Toolika Wadhwa.
Jail products
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